Grandfather Clocks

This past weekend at GCC, Jason Miller was speaking about distractions when he used his Mom and Dad’s Grandfather clock as an illustration for something that used to drive him crazy growing up.  My Dad is a professional clock guy, so his story made me laugh. 

Imagine your Dad being a Grandfather Clock repair man, and how many clocks a Grandfather Clock repair man would have around his house.    One time my brother Joel and I counted the clocks around our house and stopped at around 30 or so.  Grandfather clocks are the sound of home to me.  My dad wrote this fun fact on his blog awhile back:                           

Me and Dad 001

My business is repairing or setting up grandfather clocks.
I tune the chimes,listen carefully for bad notes and making the corrections as needed.
All grandfather clocks play Westminster chimes,some play 3 chimes.
The are reasons for all the chimes,some are religious,some are from church bells and some are taken from children's nursery rimes.
ter chimes are the most popular,made famous by Big Ben in London.
However the chimes were first set into the tower at University Church, St. Mary's the Great, in Cambridge, England.
The actual words are:

"Lord, through this hour,
Be Thou our guide
So,by thy power
No foot shall slide"

The music was Handels symphony,"I Know That My Redeemer Liveth'.The words and music were arranged by William Crotch in 1793.
Even for the non religious people who have clocks in their homes,they are hearing a prayer every quarter hour.
I like that and find it fun to explain it to people.

So, next time a you hear a chiming clock or church bell, take it as a call to prayer.

By the way Dad, my clock is broken…help?


Pray Craig Home

In recent days, you may have seen a story about Craig Weisweaver in the local media. His son Brian and daughter-in-law Tammy attend GCC and also serve through Son City Kids in Monroe Circle. They invited their Dad Craig to start coming earlier this year. Brian said , “He started attending GCC earlier this year with my wife and I. He hadn't been to church in quite some time prior to attending GCC and believe it or not, he started hitting up all four services (back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday). He felt very comfortable at GCC and loved you guys.”   A couple months ago, Craig joined the Son City Kids team and started serving too.

Craig was visiting his daughter in Japan, when he suddenly fell ill from an unknown virus. He was at first treated at an Air Base in Japan, where his son-in-law is a Navy officer. However, his condition continued to worsen and he suffered kidney and intestinal failure. The air base facility, which is the equivalent of an urgent care center, is not equipped to treat Craig's condition and recommended a major hospital.

Craig does not have health insurance and is not eligible for Medicaid until 2010. In Japan, no hospital will treat him without payment up front. Craig’s condition is treatable if we can get him home to a specialist here in the US. The challenge of getting Craig home has become a nightmare. He’s too sick to take a commercial flight and a private Med-evac flight for costs upward of $150,000.

Brian and Tammy have been diligently working with both, the Cleveland clinic that has access to transport planes, as well as, US Rep Joe Donnelly who is reaching out to the Pentagon on his behalf. They are hoping, at a minimum, to get him moved to another base that has a standard hospital care.

Please pray for Craig, for his health, his healing, and his transportation home. Please pray for Brian and Tammy through this ordeal. As you can imagine, this is a logistical nightmare with their Dad’s life hanging in the balance.

Brian said , “I believe in the power of prayer. Please ask everyone to ask their network to pray.”

In addition, a fund has been set up at Lake City Bank where donations can be made for Craig’s flight home.

The Swine Flew Over My House

   And It’s not been fun.

  The lack of content on this here blog can be blamed on the sickness that has overtaken this family.  So far I have been only sorta sick for 10 days or so, which I’m not sure is worse than being really sick for 3 days.  Maddie and Whit were hit the hardest with it, and I haven’t seen them so sick, ever, except when they were little and sick with the chicken pox.  I did feel sorry for them, but after about day 5 having sick kids home, I was about to resort to drastic measures.  I didn’t.  I just ate a lot of chocolate and drank a lot of coffee.  Don’t judge.  It worked for me.

Hope your family is staying healthy! I’m going to take a long nap and not wake up till Monday.  My blog is taking a nap too.  

Been Thinkin About This…

Now that we’re back to the swing of things, I am trying not to forget the amazing people and places we saw this summer.  We stood in the middle of a miracle in Kalavai, a living breathing Bible story come alive.  Watch this for a minute if you have a chance, and know that God is doing miracles for the people of Kalavai, India. 

FYI, in the first shot, you see me standing w/my family and some Kalavai kids.  I am bawling like a baby, because they dedicated that house in my name.  I was in complete and utter shock. (and laughing at the same time because they spelled my name Michelle Megner).  Later in the video you see me stuffing my face with cookies. God really knows how to keep me humble.  Enjoy!

Kalavai Update 7.25.09 from Ben Sanders on Vimeo.



Ruler of all, ruler of my life

take my bucket of dread, of weariness and fill it

with your love and your light again

till all that’s left of me is washed away in all of you

Fill me with the freshness of your words and guide me by your thoughts

Let the simplicity of your love and your grace flow freely into me and out of me

so my life is a reflection of all you do and all you are.


This was my prayer today for myself.  I have been thinking a lot about YOU this week, and what I could do to bless YOUR life.  I would love to pray for you.  Please leave a comment to let me know how I can pray for you , or feel free to send me a private email.