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Congrats to Elle White! Giveaway is now closed, but there will definitely be more chances in the near future!

We had so much fun last week at the Exponential conference in Orlando.  Rob did a phenomenal job speaking, and telling the story of GCC and what we are up to around the world.  Jeanna came along to sell our Share The Well books, and I got to sit at the table with her for a bit.  It was so fun to tell the story of our book over and over again.

I listened to a few stories of church planters doing amazing things around the world, and was so inspired, I started giving away our books to a few of them.

Don’t worry, when I give away books, the church doesn’t pay for them, Rob and I do, and NO, we don’t get a discount.  We believe so much in our book and what it is doing to help church planters in India, we love paying full price for a book that we have written without being paid.  Is that funny or what?

Want a copy of Share the Well?   I just so happen to have an extra, and I’d love to give it to someone.  Just leave me a comment and tell me why you want it, and I will choose a winner on Friday!

Mark Beeson took the photo of me, Sheila and Jeanna. I like it because I love the two people in the photo with me so much.  🙂

Sharing The Song

Share The WellWhen Rob and I first went to India in 2002, we were blown away by the "at home" feeling we got when we were there. We knew immediately that God wanted us to plant our feet there for awhile and build relationships.

That Christmas, Rob took me to Indy to see Andrew Petersen’s Behold the Lamb concert at this teeny tiny church. There could not have been more than 100 people there.  It was small, intimate, and filled our hearts to overflowing.

Caedmon’s Call was also there, and they played songs from the Share The Well album. While they were playing these amazing songs about their experience in India, we felt God’s anointing such a profound way.  Ever since that day, we have had such a deep heart connection with that album that is really unexplainable.  Our kids know and love all the songs along with us.

When Rob said that he wanted to name our book “Share the Well”, I knew down to my toes that it was perfect.  We  made numerous attempts to contact somebody, anybody from Caedmon’s Call to let them know we were using the title "Share the Well" just to be respectful of them.  We couldn’t really reach anyone because everyone in the band is sort of off working on their own projects now.

Sunday night I get this message from my best friend from high school: 

I’m sitting here with Randall Goodgame and we showed him your book. He would love to talk to you guys (he wrote the song share the well for Caedmon’s). Could you send me some phone numbers for you and Rob? I’ll pass the info on to him.

She then explained:

Randall stopped by with his kids just to hang out (they live 2 streets over) and it did not occur to me to show it to him (no idea he was connected to Caedmon’s). Russ walks by it while we were gathering his kids together and says, "Hey, have you seen this book Share the Well?" Randall takes it and looks it over and gets tears in his eyes. He just loves the people of India and was so excited about seeing the book.

Is God awesome or what?  There is no way we could have orchestrated those events.  So grateful for seeing God’s hand at work in all of this.  We are so grateful that the guy who wrote the song was blessed by seeing the people of India that he loves so much in a book with a title that means so much to him.

It’s Finally Here!

Larry - STW  V's - STW Ash - STW

The book Rob and I have been working on for months is finally here!  So many friends have given countless hours of their time to make this project a reality.  If you’d like a copy, you can order it at www.wiredchurches.com right now.  It will be available at Amazon any day here.  If you live in the Michiana area, you can pick up your copy at the GCC bookstore.

Here’s what Mark Beeson had to say:

SHARE THE WELL is brilliant. It’s a "must read" for every pastor, missionary and church-multiplication-strategist. It explains the essence of GCC’s model of church planting, modular missional coaching and innovative community transformation, with brilliant writing and stunning photography.

Every family at GCC should own a copy of this book.

Every pastor in America should own this book.

Everyone longing to participate in a movement that started with a handful of people in Granger, Indiana that has surged to over 120,000 followers of Jesus gathering in 950 churches in Tamil Nadu, India, should own this intriguing compilation of stories, pictures and truth.

Here’s what Mark Waltz had to say:

The story has been over ten years in the making. The book was conceptualized, lived, photographed and written over the past few months. Rob and Michelle Wegner wrote the story. A story of hope turned kingdom reality, a story of salvation that extends beyond any one individual to an entire community… and beyond.

And our good friend Dale Shafer wrote about it on his blog: 

After reading each of the stories in this book, I quickly realized that this is far more than just a collection of photos and commentary on taking Christ to the people of India. I read it cover to cover, taking in the stunning photos of familiar faces, and finding myself emotionally moved by the power of God flowing through the lives of the men and women who are sharing the well in India.

I’m so excited to hear what YOU have to say after you read the book.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be giving one away here soon.  🙂

Sharing the Well with Poonatha and Ambilu

India-Rob 182India-Rob 181 India-Rob 183

This is Rob with Poohatha the first time we went to Kalavia to visit the small village in the Irula colony of Untouchables.  We didn’t find them untouchable at all.  It was love at first sight for us. 

When we first visited Kalavai, she seriously had a wild look about her. Her hair and clothes were a mess. She was muddy and dirty, but had an amazing smile.

Rob was dancing with a bunch of kids, and her eyes were wide as saucers. She didn’t really know what to do, so Rob grabbed her and started dancing around with her. All the kids laughed and laughed, and she was really embarrassed and shy, but was loving the attention.

Ever since that day she has had a special place in my heart. I told Rob the other day that there is something special about her. All of them are special, but I feel God’s hand is on her in a very special, powerful, and unique way.

   I was so happy when we finally decided on this picture for the front cover of our book.  Poonatha is on the left and her friend Ambilu on the right.

Book Cover

Our book is full of stories.  Stories of men and women who grew up in villages  like Poonatha and Ambilu, but whose childhoods were never happy.  Most of them were never really deeply loved by anyone.  Many of them were abused, neglected, and near death when Jesus reached His hand out to them, and they were forever changed by His love.

I am hoping when Poonatha and Ambilu grow up, they don’t have stories of sadness and despair to tell.  I hope they will always know they are deeply loved by Jesus, their families, and their funny looking friends from America.

Pray with us this month as our book release date comes closer and closer.  We really want this book to be an experience for people that will change them and deepen the love they have for Jesus and His people. 

We want to continue to provide hope and light for kids like Poonatha and Ambilu.  When people buy this book, every penny past the cost of publication will go right back to the church planters in India.

Super Sneak Preview


Just a glimpse of what’s to come!  Our book is nearing it’s final stages of completion, and I just wanted to share one page with you so you have some idea what the layout will be like. 

The picture of my girls was taken on one of my saddest days in India.  We were visiting a new village and our presence there turned into sort of this mob/parade thing.  The girls were pretty freaked out by it, so Raj wanted to give them a job to do.  He asked someone to help them learn how to get the water from a well like kids their age would do in a village in India.  The girls got very excited and grabbed their jugs.  All at once, the parade-like atmosphere ended, and the people dispersed.  We were so confused.  One of the men quietly said to Raj, “There is no water here.  We don’t have any water in our well”.  There were hundreds of people in this village, and no water.

The symbolism struck me as profound.  Here I was carrying my 2 liter water bottle, taking long gulps of it whenever I was thirsty, and these people had no water at all.  That moment birthed a desire in me to Share The Well.  We have Water that is eternal life welling up in us that we must share.  People are dying of thirst all over the world.  That moment sealed my determination to be the voice for these people, dying from thirst physically and spiritually.

Our book, Share The Well, comes out next month!  Can’t wait until we can Share The Well with you.

Let Your Vote Count!

Rob and I are in the final stages of editing Share the Well, the book we are working on about Church Planters in Southern India.  The book is going to be full of stunning photos from India by Dustin Maust, Gene Ort, and Ron Zimmerman.  I thought you might want to help us choose the photo for our “About the Author’s” page.  All of these photos were taken by our friend Brittani last spring.  Whitney is home sick today, so she chose the titles for each.  Can’t wait to see what you pick!

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