A Little “Firework” For Your Memorial Day

You’ve heard Katy Perry sing her fabulous song “Firework”, but have you heard Isabelle Wegner? I much prefer Belle’s style and sincerity. She would love if someone leaves her a comment. She keeps checking You Tube every 10 minutes to see how many views she has. 🙂

and if you haven’t had enough yet, here is a version of Belle singing “Firework” in her bed at 4am one time when she swiped my iPhone while the rest of the family was sleeping:

Our Firework

Belle came in our room three different times last night to tell me she couldn’t sleep. By the third time, I warned her that today would be very bad for her if she woke me up again. She waited until I was asleep and grabbed my cell phone. She then proceeded to make a half dozen spectacular videos of herself and her stuffed animals and dollies.

This one is of her singing Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

Appropriate, since Belle is our little Firework.



One of my good friends interviews incoming Kindergartners to test their “Kindergarten Readiness.”  Every year she sits through the Q&A with them, never laughing or breaking a smile.  She jots down their answers and shares them with me.  They are so, so funny. In the spirit of all things funny and April Fool’s Day, I thought I’d share:

What does a fireman do?

  • washes fire
  • hot dogs


From what animal do we get eggs?

  • elephants
  • giraffes
  • dinosaurs
  • lions
  • trees
  • cow
  • cooking
  • easter bunny
  • roosters
  • hungry
  • pancakes
  • One student laughed and said "Ha! No animal gives us eggs!"


How many legs does an elephant have?

  • a trunk
  • 3, 5
  • big ones


What is ice when it melts?

  • lemonade
  • nothing
  • fire
  • sun
  • spring
  • pop
  • it means you’re not drinking it
  • take it out of the fridge.


What makes daytime warmer than nighttime?

  • air
  • spring
  • moon
  • ice
  • go to sleep
  • hot
  • beds

What do fish have that help them swim?

  • the floppies
  • slippers
  • skin
  • fishing rods
  • bones
  • their brain
  • wings


What vegetable is used to make French fries?

  • grease
  • green beans
  • McDonald’s
  • farmers
  • tomatoes
  • French
  • apples
  • celery
  • fish, bananas
  • meat
  • rubber chicken
  • tacos, hot dogs, chips


What season of the year usually has the coldest weather?

  • 42
  • Sunday
  • wind
  • snow day
  • the season of the world
  • suns
  • wake up time
  • probably tomatoes


What month comes after June?

  • Noonya
  • Thursday
  • eggs & pancakes
  • Christmas
  • and one kid howled. seriously.


If today is Sunday, what day was yesterday?

  • Yesterday! (duh!)

Cool Dead Stuff I Found

Our time at the SMT planning retreat in Mexico was nothing short of one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received.  The gift of the place we stayed, along with a fully stocked refrigerator and free plane tickets to get to this amazing place has left me dumbfounded.  How could people be so good and kind to get us to one of the most amazing places I have ever been?  I will be asking myself that question for a long time.

I promised I would pray for you, and I did.  I spent loads of time by myself, walking up and down the beach.  While I was praying, I found some pretty interesting stuff…too interesting not to take a few pictures. 

Mexico 2011 016 Mexico 2011 035Mexico 2011 021  Mexico 2011 037 Mexico 2011 068 Mexico 2011 070

 Mexico 2011 010Mexico 2011 069 

I have to admit I teared up when I saw the little baby sea turtle laying there on the beach.  His baby turtle prints were so darn cute.  Everyone let out a little collective sigh for this little fella.  ((sigh)) .

Isabelle’s Letter To Santa


December 2010 022 

We are not huge advocates of Santa at our house.  We don’t particularly teach the girls that he is real, but we don’t tell them that he is really akin to Satan (which a little friend told one of my girls this week).

He is a wonderful idea.  He is a story that may or may not come to life.  He is both make-believe and real.  The idea of him is what matters.

Well, this morning Isabelle woke up, danced and played around awhile like usual, then ran to the window and pointed outside while her jaw dropped to the ground.

“He IS real” she said.  “He sent his deers to check on me!”

Santa's Deers

Right away she got out a piece of paper and pencil and wrote out her last minute letter to Santa and left it on our front porch, “Since he was in the area.”

She did a great job!  I hope Santa can de-code this letter.  Can you?


photo (2)