While They’re Gone At Camp…

We dropped Maddie and Whit off at Springhill camp in Evart, Michigan yesterday. They are both so excited.  They both literally grew up at Camp Adventure, as Rob and I lead camp with the GCC team in various ways over the years.  Last year was Maddie’s first year of camp, and this year is Whitney’s first year.  I’m super happy for them, and praying for them every time I think about them.

While they are gone, Belle and I have lots and lots of time together alone. I told her to make a list of all the things she’d like to do.  Here’s her list:

1. Go to Chmeig Chles (go to Charming Charlies)

2.  Go to Diseland (Go to Disneyland)

3.  Go to the mol (go to the mall)

4.  Go to a wadr prc (go to a water park)

5.  Go Boleg (go bowling)

6.  Go to the prc (go to the park)

7.  Have a prte (have a party)

8.  Have fun

9. Play in my fout (play in my fort)

As you can see, it’s going to be a busy week!  I’m looking forward to hanging out with Belle. She knows how to have fun.


5th Grade Field Trip Fun

Whitney is in her last few weeks of elementary school. I really can not believe how quickly her elementary school years have flown by. Just “yesterday” I was putting her downstairs on the couch with a warm bottle of milk for her rest time. It was her favorite place to hang out at the time, and she watched the same movie every day for a year.  Occasionally she got bored during her rest time and cut a few holes in the couch with scissors. I remember it felt like such a big deal at the time, but now it is just a funny memory. Her excuse was that her hand “slipped” and it was all a very tragic accident.

Another time, she accidentally drew a gigantic smiley face on our wood floor with a Sharpie. Again, huge big deal at the time, now just a funny memory.

All the parents who have babies just learning to toddle or are starting school for the first year, or are marking any of these milestones, I encourage you to live each second with them as deeply as fully as you can. The time you have with your babies goes so, so fast. They won’t always want you to tuck them in at night, make them a warm bottle, or cut holes in your couch on accident.

I spent a long day yesterday with Whitney’s 5th grade class travelling to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. We had such a great time. I knew it would be a long day when I signed up, but I was determined to have a great attitude and do all I could to make it a great day for Whit. On the way there, she said to me, “Mom, it’s good we are having some one-on-one time today. We really need it.” Throughout the day, she expressed to me about five times how glad she was that I came along. She was so overwhelmed with happiness at one point, she kissed me full on the mouth in front of her friends.

Spending that day with Whit was such a rewarding experience for her and for me. I am so glad we have so many great memories from her 5th grade field trip to share together.
Hold on to your babies parents. Grandparents, hold on to your grand-babies. You won’t ever have the chance to live this day again.

The girl who leaps through life unafraid

The girl who leaps through life Unafraid by robinmichellewegner

We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating Mother’s Day. We went to Amish Acres, ate a ton of food, then had a lot of fun walking around the property, looking at old Amish houses, looking for frogs, and jumping over creeks.

I took this picture of Whitney jumping over the creek.  Yep, she made it.  She is one of the most fearless, fun people I know.

I thank God every day for my three beautiful girls and the unique fun they each bring to our family.

Every Body Needs A Whitney

Late March 2011 101   Instagram 2 040

Instagram Photos 030

Every body needs a Whitney. Whitney is a true friend. She is a pillar of strength and conviction. She is a joker, a creative, a Jesus-lover, and a pearl- refined into beauty as the years shape and mold her.

I’ve never seen a more stunning strawberry blonde beauty. Her smile lights up a room and draws life out of the most down and out kids.

We are so glad God gave us a Whitney 11 years ago today, and that He chose two special sisters that bring out the very best (and sometimes worst…but we won’t talk about that on her birthday) of the depths of her preciousness.

Happy Birthday Whitney! We love you so, so much.

If you don’t know Whitney, I hope you know someone like her. Everybody needs a Whitney.

Whitney Wegner, Wicked Witch

 Shrek 007 

Shrek 013 Shrek 038 Shrek 039  Shrek 043 Shrek 044Shrek 005

Whitney is just a few weeks shy of 11 years old, and feels perfectly alive on any stage, anywhere. She got to play the Wicked Witch in the 4th/5th grade play Shrek. She had her first performance last night, one this morning, and one tonight.  All of the kids in the cast have worked so hard, and did a phenomenal job. We are so proud of our Whitney, the cutest Wicked Witch ever.

The Sound of Music

Late December 2010 029 Someone asked me the other day to describe my girls.  What they are like. Well, that’s both easy and very, very hard. They are the same in a lot of ways, and in other ways, so completely different, it’s amazing they were birthed from the same parents.

  • They are all extremely creative and funny. They each make me laugh about 5 times a day, which means I am laughing a good 15 times a day, which must bring some overall health benefit. 
  • The girls are all very smart. School comes easy for all of them on most days. We struggle through the hard stuff, but at the end of the day, secretly know that they are way smarter than me. “Go play Angry Birds Mom, while I finish my Math homework”. Ha!
  • They are all very musical. Yesterday, Belle sat at the computer, playing a game she really likes to play, and made  up songs for a solid hour, singing at the top of her lungs. Whitney and I sat in the other room giggling because it was so sweet and cute.
  • Maddie and Whit have both decided to take up an instrument. Maddie is playing guitar (her guitar teacher said he thanks God every day for Taylor Swift. Because of her, 75% of his students are 10-14 year old girls that want to be her).  Whitney is taking piano lessons from Sarah Koutz, and has caught on very fast, and is loving being able to play and figure out musical notes with her mathematical brain (again, I just walk away)

Life with three girls is both challenging and rewarding. I won’t go into their differences today, because, quite frankly, that’s what Rob and I spend a lot of our time sorting through and refereeing. Another day, another post. For now, we are enjoying the new sounds of music in our house. Music and laughter are a great combo.