Center For the Homeless Dancing With the Stars Auction

Our very dear friend Maribeth Roncz is Dancing with the Stars next week at the South Bend Center For the Homeless 20th Anniversary Auction.  Maribeth has been volunteering at the center for over 16 years, and has an enormous leadership role in involving the people of Granger Community Church in serving at the Center.  She is passionate about giving the guests at the Center the very best possible care and support.  She is a truly amazing woman.

Maribeth is one of the featured dancers this year.  Vote for her!   It's just $37.  One meal out.  You can give that up.  Really, you can.  It's also tax-deductible. 

For every $37 vote collected, one guest at the Homeless Center is taken care of for one day.

Many of the guests at the Center are FAMILIES.  Not bums who "deserve it."  You would be amazed at the stories we hear about the people who never imagined it would be them to live there.  They are people like you and me who work hard, are educated, care about their families, but have been forced out of their homes due to various circumstances.

The unemployment rates in our area are through the roof-some of the highest in the nation.  These people can't get work.  They need a hand.  They need the love and care they get at the Center.  You can help.

Take a second to vote! I just put in two votes, one for me, and one for Rob, and it took me all of 2 minutes.  

Not only is Maribeth an amazing volunteer and asset to the Center, she is a wonderful friend to our family.  She also just helped us refinance our house at 5.1% for 20 years.  If you need an honest loan officer, she's the person to call. 

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  1. Dan Clark says:

    She is doing my Re-Fi also. It is a small world indeed.

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