Character Counts

I have a very interesting position right now in my life.  I have been around full-time ministers for years and years, even though I am only 35 years old.  I have seen every kind of Pastor, Missionary, full-time church worker, etc.  there is.  I've been all over the world, visited pastors in different countries and settings.  I have lived in the middle of Uganda with no electricity or running water.  I have lived in downtown Chicago where people don't even look one another in the eye.  All this to say, "I've been around".

This Purpose Driven Conference has been very interesting to me.  As I see GCC being launched into the public eye, I have made a few observations.  I think one of the many reasons God has so blessed our church is because of the character and integrity of the staff.  Little things matter. 

Pastor Mark and Rob did not shove and push in line yesterday when they were giving away free t-shirts.  They let others go first in the snack line.  They speak graciously to other pastors and friends.  They treat waitress' and motel staff with dignity and honor.  I see these little character choices, and I know they count.  I know God sees. 

I'm proud to be a part of such an amazing move of God.  Character counts. The little things matter.

2 thoughts on “Character Counts

  1. Michelle, in between services last weekend a woman stopped me and told me that her daughter works at Krispy Kreme. The girls and I go in there a lot (with free donut coupons!) and her daughter (who is a sometimes attender-but not yet convinced) said, “mom, I saw that girl who sings on stage and she’s THAT happy in real life!” This is not to brag (because you know I can be a CRAB!!), but to emphasize the grim reality that we are ALWAYS ON. This blows my mind and challenges me everyday! Thanks for the great post!

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