Come and Listen

Dr. Bob talked about the Spiritual Discipline of Solitude last night.  You can well imagine that there is not much quiet at our house at any given moment in the day.  When the moments come like any good parent,  I wonder what's wrong, where the girls are hiding, and what happened.  My girls are never, ever quiet.  When I am alone, I can think.  My head clears and I can talk to God. 

Before I had kids, I would walk for hours and pray.  Nothing got in my way.  I would pray until I was finished, then I would go on with the rest of my day.  Walking was my number one way of keeping my heart in line with God's.  Now our house is crawling with kids, dogs and whatever other creatures the girls bring in from outside morning and night.  Along with those obstacles to solitude, there is this crazy rheumatoid arthritis thing.  It has kept me from walking for a long time. 

Last night I felt like Dr. Bob drew a line in the sand.  Am I going to commit to this or not?  I went walking this morning.  I grabbed Maddie's ipod and listened to David Crowder's "Come and Listen" over and over again.  My heart and head were clear.  I was able to connect with God in a way I hadn't in a long time.  Solitude is a very good thing.  I'm hoping for a lot more of these moments this summer.

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  1. DisneyCyndi says:

    I need to try that sometime. By the way I am enjoying the conversation over at the other blog.

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