Compassion International’s Wes Stafford

Wes shared the story of horrible abuse  he endured as a child in a boarding school for Missionary kids.  I have never heard his story, and I was mesmerized by the pain was still so real and raw to him.  I am so impressed by the way Wes allowed his pain to be used for the Glory of God.  Millions of children are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name because of Compassion International.

We have been able to visit our Compassion International daughter Sangeetha two times now.  This June we witnessed first hand how Compassion is literally saving the lives of Children.  Sangeetha was saved from poverty.  For her little brother it was too late.  Read the story is here.

Wes has a new book called Too Small to Ignore…Why the Least of These Matter Most.  It’s next on my reading list.


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