Rob taught at GCC this weekend about "The Kid that Played 10,000 Sports."  You can watch the service here this week.  The girls and I decided to not only go to the Saturday night service, but show up for the 12pm one as well.  I explained to the girls that before they were born, when Rob taught, I tried to be there every time to show my love and support for him.  The girls were bored, no one was around to play with them, so, we headed out to the last service this morning.

After service, Rob was wiped out, and we headed off for some lunch.  When we got to the restaurant, we were sad to find out it is out of business.  The owner attends GCC, and very sadly told us about the business having to close.  Our hearts broke for her and her husband.  How sad to have your dream crushed.  And on top of that, have creditors and bankers coming after you for all the money you owe them.  They are facing losing their home on top of everything else.  Needless to say, she was very emotional and devastated.  I could sense Maddie’s discomfort at the situation. 

When I was in the car alone with her later, I asked her what she thought about the conversation with the restaurant owner.  The first thing she said was, "contentment."  I asked her what she meant by that, and she said that she "thought they were going to be OK.  They’ve got everything they could possibly need…"  We talked about how awful it is to lose everything you have, but how fortunate we are to live in a country that lets you re-build and start again.  There is food available, stores to work at, etc. 

We brought Maddie with us to India last December.  She was able to see how a girl her own age lives, and I think that has marked her forever.   She saw how Sangeetha’s mom did not have a chance.  She could not go find work just anywhere.  There was no work.  There was no opportunity.India_dec_2006_125 

Not only that, but Miss Jen, Miss Elizabeth, and all the other amazing Jungle Room teachers have been teaching about contentment for the past few weeks.

It sunk in with her.  I hope it sticks.  What an amazing lesson for a 9 year old to understand already.

All this bragging is quite possibly sickening, I know.    You need to know that Maddie did come down from her room tonight and demand that she needs a new Leapster because hers is getting old.  We’re learning.  We’re growing…We’re taking steps.  It’s just great to see some of what we are teaching her is sticking. 

2 thoughts on “Contentment

  1. Danny V. says:

    Beautiful story. I LOVE OUR CHILDREN’S MINISTRY! Sorry to hear about the restaurant. I think I know which one you’re talking about. BTW – the Xbox is way awesome fun for us! Thanks again.

  2. Seven says:

    contentment with what we have and wanting a new leapster. she’s human. beautifully so. great story.

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