The High Road

Corey and Debbie Mann have had an incredibly difficult week.  Corey resigned his position from GCC this week.  I will not go into details on my blog, or in conversations with anyone other than my husband and one or two close, trusted friends.  Unnecessary, unhelpful, perhaps even hurtful stuff happens when the gossip mills start.  Everyone is going to have their own unique perspectives on what happened an why it happened. 

I’m proud of Corey for having the courage to speak to the GCC staff last week, Lifeline Sunday night, and Oasis this coming Wednesday night.

He could have took off.  He could have left and never had to explain anything to anyone.

I am not praising Corey.  I am just so very happy that he is doing what he can to turn a very bad situation into a redeeming one.

He wrote out some thoughts for other youth ministers on  He also has a blog where he has written out some more thoughts.

My friend Hannah wrote some things about Corey and Debbie on her blog.  He has made a huge impact on the lives around him here at GCC.  I don’t ever want him, or Debbie, or anyone else to forget that.

Rob and I have been doing ministry together for close to 20 years now.  One thing we have seen over and over and over in this kind of situation is that people tend to take the information they have and run with it.  They use their information and spread it, divide people, take sides, manipulate others with it, wreaking havoc and destruction in the Church.

I am begging everyone to take the high road.  Do what Jesus would do.  Protect Corey and Debbie and their kids.  Protect the staff of GCC.  No one’s a bad guy here.  No one is perfect.  Some mistakes were made.  Grace has been offered and received.

Lets take our information and keep it to ourselves…better yet, lets take this information to Jesus and ask Him what to do with it all.  I bet He’s got some pretty good ideas.

One thought on “The High Road

  • January 27, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    Wow. Thank you so much. THIS is the reason why I love GCC, because of people like you who believe what you believe. You said this better than I ever could and I wish everyone would read this post. “Take the high road.” EXCELLENT!


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