Dancing with the Stars Auction

What a night we had last night!  At the South Bend Center for the Homeless Dancing with the Stars night, GCC was represented well! Eight tables full of GCC people were there to raise money for the Center.  Our very own DC Curry was one of the dancers.  You can watch a clip of him practicing with Amy O Day here. 

Rob and I felt like we were at our high school prom all over again because we had to get all fancy.  It was pretty fun.  You gotta love friends who can hook you up with some serious clothes when you don’t get too dressed up very often.  Dancing Dinner and Belle 003 Dancing Dinner and Belle 001

The live auction was fascinating.  They were auctioning off Notre Dame football tickets, A trip to the Vatican with an archeological tour, vacation packages, and of all things, a trip to the Oprah show.  Guess what went for the most money?  You got it. The Oprah show tickets.  They went for $6,800.  Yes, that is six-thousand-eight-hundred-dollars.  The Vatican trip went for $4,200.  Aren’t Oprah show tickets free?  I still can’t get my mind around this.  Rob and I are ashamed to admit it, but yes, we did go to a taping of an Oprah show back in the day.  This was way before she proclaimed herself as a spiritual guru, or whatever it is that she is now.

What an amazing way to raise money for the Center for the Homeless.  DC was by far the best dancer there.  He’s the only one that got a standing ovation!  Rob and I are so proud of him!   Brooke, DC’s amazing, beautiful wife was there too.  I can only imagie how proud she was!

4 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars Auction

  1. mandy says:

    Amy is one of the most amazing dancers. All of her students do well at competitions. She’s a great teacher and has a great heart for the charities!
    It would have been awesome to see. Thanks for posting the video.

  2. You guys look great! You are such a hottie 🙂
    I loved the video too. DC can get down!

  3. Sarah Koutz says:

    I’m sure Brooke was grinning from ear to ear. She has some mean dance skills too. She tried to teach me. Let’s just say I’ll stick to the horn and piano.

  4. Thanks for the sneak preview. Can’t wait to see it on the stage live!

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