Dear Mom,

Maddie's Letter

It’s been a tough parenting week.  Little people around my house are growing up so fast, and their friends parents are stepping up the pace by allowing their kids to do things my kids are not allowed to do.  (boo-hiss). This makes for awkward and uncomfortable conversations between me and my girls I really wish we didn’t have to have yet.

I found this sweet letter one of my girls wrote me awhile back.  I think I will leave it up here and hope the sweet little munchkin still means it.

7 thoughts on “Dear Mom,

  1. Karen McFarland says:

    Those are the things that get us through the tough moments. My daughter just planned a surprise bithday party for me (it was last night). What she asked of everyone was to write me a letter. A letter about our relationship and what it means to them. They were all amazing but especially the ones from my husband and my children (who are so grown now). We have had our battles and through it all, after reading their letters, they get it. I believe they know it was all because I love them. Letters like yours and mine, are to be cherished. God knows there will be a time when I will need to pull their letters out again to remind me it will all be ok.

  2. Aren’t you so glad you kept that? Love it!

  3. Karen, Your words are very encouraging…and YES I will be keeping this letter. 🙂

  4. Send your kids over here. Our children aren’t allowed to do anything! 🙂

  5. Lisa,
    that is why I love you guys so much! 🙂

  6. Cornucopia says:

    Love it!! Our kids are very sheltered because I think it is more important for them to be kids than mini-adults (who do not have the brain maturity to be adults). It’s those little times of appreciation and love that makes it all worth it, isn’t it? Priceless.

  7. DisneyCyndi says:

    Been there, done that. Now that my girls are older they would tell you they survived, and are probably better off because of it. Hang in there.

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