Deep Thoughts on the Wilderness

I’ve been reading and studying the lives of Moses, Joshua, and Caleb.  Here are some thoughts I have been working through as I read about their struggles and victories as they wandered through the wilderness. It was a rough and barren place where they had to depend on God for their every need.  Ever been there?  I have.  God’s been teaching me a lot about this.  Forgive the randomness of my thoughts. 

  • Some things have to die in the wilderness
  • Some things can only be born in the wilderness
  • God has provision I know not of, more than I can ask or imagine.
  • His provision does not always look how I thought it would look, or choose for it to look
  • The wilderness is a place to look ahead to the fulfillment of God’s promises
  • The Lord has commanded us to Be strong and Courageous
  • The Lord has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sin in the camp.  Sin that is idolatry, and sin that takes the glory away from Himself.
  • The Lord teaches us to hear his voice in the wilderness because we can seldom hear anything else when we are there.
  • The wilderness is a lonely place, even though it can be crowded.
  • God’s provision is enough
  • Learn to trust
  • Don’t forget Whose journey you are on
  • You’ve come to far to lose your way
  • stay strong.  The work is almost done
  • Did you forget Whose you are?

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