The deviation in Haiti is appalling.  Watching the newscast of the destruction the morning after the massive earthquake, the girls were chirping away and getting ready for school, they suddenly stopped eating their cereal and got very quiet.  I never know what is “too much” for the girls to see, but I knew today they needed to watch at least a little of the news  to know what is going on in Haiti.

They got very quiet, didn’t say much, then the news broke to a cell phone commercial.  “they should not do that!”  Whitney yelled at the TV.  “Do what?”  I asked.  “Try to do things like sell you a cell phone after seeing what we just saw.”  It was quite a jolt even for me.

Devastation and destruction.  Everyone’s response is different.  My response is to mull it over again and again.  I try to figure it out and get as much information as possible.  I try to listen for God in the middle of it all.

I have heard report after report of singing in the streets of Haiti.  The Christians there are praising Him, and proclaiming to the world that God is alive and well. They are clinging to the hope they have in Him.

Here’s a story about a Doctor opening his home to the sick and dying.  Here are some amazing frame by frame photos of the destruction and it’s aftermath. 

And this twitter update from an American in Haiti, “What did you do today? I watched Haitians pick themselves up and move forward. I watched beauty rise from ashes. I see hope. I really do.” @firesideint


God is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in Spirit. Psalm 34:18

Fast forward this You Tube video of Katie Couric to minute 2:30 and hear for yourself the Hope people are singing about in the streets.  Amazing.


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  1. Renee Crabtree says:

    I process this type of horrible news in a very similar way. I was watching video on and before the video started they had a commercial for staples with a very joyful and exubberant man and I just felt so alienated I guess or that somehow it belittled the grief. I am so happy to hear of the good news being spread around. It goes to show that God can work all for good even in the midst of such heartache and destruction

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