Don’t Waste Your Pain pt. 2

Ok, so now that I’m over the "Jesus bandaids," here are my thoughts about last weekend’s message. 

It’s a funny thing being married to a Pastor.  People get all kinds of funny ideas in their heads about what he is like at home or what in the world it is that he does in between times that he is teaching.  Our neighbor boy is so perplexed about this.  I just let the question linger for fun.  "Where is your Dad?" He is always asking me.  I say he’s at work, and he just gives me this puzzled look.  It’s pretty hilarious.

Anyway, no, Rob doesn’t preach to me or the family very often.  He doesn’t stand up and sermonize before each meal or before bed.  Usually we just talk or hang out.  He is insanely normal, and that’s why I love him.  When Rob is on for the weekend or on a Thursday night, we get to talk about whatever it is that he will be discussing quite a bit.  I am always coming up with the best ideas, but he usually just looks at me funny.  However, whatever it is that he is talking about usually gets in my head and won’t go away.  When he is preaching it is almost like I am right there with him going "yeah, yeah, and…"  It’s kind of strange and hard to explain.

All that to say this past weekend’s message was great for me to hear.  What will I do with the pain in my life?  Will I turn into a hermit, close my windows and doors and not let anyone in?  That’s my temptation. 

I feel like sharing this stuff kinda diffuses the pain a bit.  Not that I want to spill my guts to every person I see, or become a leech, sucking the life out of people, but sharing my experience with a few close, personal friends seems to shine the light on these issues and call them out for what they are:  issues of humanity.  We all have them. 

4 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Pain pt. 2

  1. amy says:

    my best friend is married to a pastor…used to be my pastor, but they have moved away, anyway…it always cracks me up with what people think their house is like…when i go to visit, we all just talk laugh, share, you know…all the things “normal” people do :o) no preaching, no counsling…just deep wonderful beautiful friendship, full of grace and speedbumps…
    i love your writing…your honesty…it is a blessing to read your thoughts!

  2. “He is insanely normal…”

  3. Caryn says:

    yea and people think don sings to me all the time 🙂 Michelle, I don’t want you to become a hermit – even if it is your tendency. It was great to have lunch with you and look forward to the next time!!!

  4. Thanks for the great reminder. I tend to try to keep things to myself to “spare” people the trouble of things I’m dealing with. Thanks for reminding me of the gift of community in the midst of pain, a great extension of the message.

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