Doomed to a Lifetime of no Nail Polish

Pink nail polish.I have a severe allergy to Nail Polish.  I have been playing games with the fact for the past 10 years.  I have timed myself to exactly how many days, hours, and minutes I can go with out breaking out in hives.  I have enjoyed this game, kind of trying to cheat death I guess.  Well, this time, my genius game back-fired on me.  While Rob and I were out eating dinner at Yesterdays, my eye started watering profusely, then I started itching.  By the time I got home, my whole face had broken out in hives.  I got all the nail polish off, went to bed..then STOPPED BREATHING in my sleep.  (Only once though). I took a total of 5 Benedryl on Sunday, it did nothing.  I went to the Doctor today, got a shot in the you know where, and a big lecture from my doctor about how serious this is.  I got it.  No more nail polish.  I am so sad.  But, I’d rather be alive than have fancy nails.  Oh, but if I do die, can one of my good girlfriends PLEASE make sure that my nails are PAINTED a very bright red or pink?  I would be eternally grateful.

2 thoughts on “Doomed to a Lifetime of no Nail Polish

  1. Seven says:

    you are killing me. wait, no, you’re killing yourself. you poor thing. god never intended for us to paint ourselves, did he?

  2. Julie Smies says:

    Maybe press on nails are the answer! No polish but the glue might be the end of you 🙁

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