Double Digits


I tucked in my 9 year old for the last time last night, and she woke up this morning a 10 year old.

Whitney is such a beautiful girl inside and out.  Her heart is for the kid on the sidelines.  She has such a gift for bringing those kind of kids out of their shell, and drawing life and beauty out of them.  She’s got passion for what she believes in, and no one can sway her from her values and beliefs.  She’s a strong girl, full of love, devotion, and affection. 

I thank God every day that I get to be Whitney’s Mom.

We had a great birthday day with her. 

Rob made a short little video of all the gifts we got her. So sweet…and funny.  Maddie got her a few really silly gifts…enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Double Digits

  1. Mike Maddex says:

    Does the scooter REALLY have a motor, and brakes? Awesome. I had one in 1930. No motor. No brakes. Foot power only.

    PTL for Technology!

    Grandpa Mike

  2. mdwegner says:

    Yep, Grandpa Mike, motor, brakes, the works. When I first saw kids riding these, I swore I’d never get one for my kids. BUT, you do have to push with your foot to get it going, and I’d rather have my kids outside playing then inside. 🙂

  3. Mo says:

    While she’s headed towards Martin’s we need some pampers. We live off Ash. I’ll just stand in the yard and she can throw them at me. Happy Bday Whit 😉

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