Easter Dress, 1978

Easter Dress

Easter 1978.  I am holding hands with my brother Joel (my baby brother).  Behind me is Mark, who is 1 yr older than me, and next to him is my oldest brother Kevin.  I loved having all brothers.  They made me tough.  They also helped me understand boys later in life.  I married their best friend when I was 19.  They weren’t too sure what they thought of that, but now I think they’re happy.

Being around all boys all the time also made me very glad I was a girl.  I loved to dress up.  I especially loved Easter because I not only got a new dress, but shiny new white shoes and a purse to match every year.  All my brothers got were dress shirts and hand me down leisure suits.  I was a lucky gal indeed.  I was not spoiled, but I always felt special being the only girl.  My Grandmother who had 9 grandchildren, all boys, before me, made sure I knew I was special every time I was with her.  I grew up believing that. 

Who are calling out in your life as special?  I can’t tell you what dressing me up and calling me special did for me growing up.  It was a simple thing, really.  Such a simple act went so, so deep.

Now, I’ve got 3 amazingly beautiful girls to dress up and call special.  They have to share their sisterhood with each other, but it is amazing to me how individual and unique each girl is.  They are indeed special.  I am so blessed. 

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6 thoughts on “Easter Dress, 1978

  1. betsey says:

    yes you are–and so are we!!!!

  2. Kristin says:

    Beautiful blog…and great reminder. (by the way, I always thought Whitney looks so much like Rob, but when I saw this photo, it struck me how much Whitney looks like you!) 🙂

  3. They are very adorable little girls!

  4. Dad says:

    You are always special,and always in my heart.
    Little girls belong to their dads.
    When they get older,they still belong to their dads.

  5. LeadHership says:

    I think you were a trendsetter of your day. You didn’t have knee-highs, you had calf-highs. Love it!! I grew up in a house of boys & men too. But things haven’t changed–maybe I should get a female goldfish at least!

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