Ellie The Dog Is Freaky Smart


Ellie the dog is freaky smart. 

  • She sometimes puts the blankets in her mouth and pulls them up over the girls when we are tucking them in.
  • She watched Rob and Belle play Candy Land the other night, and when I was playing with Belle the next day, she put her nose to the yellow piece like she knew exactly what to do and how to play the game.
  • Every morning when Isabelle and I watch Martha Speaks (a PBS show about a talking dog), she looks at the TV screen and focuses on it for 5 minutes at a time, her ears perking up at noises and barking sounds.
  • Every night when Rob and I are going to bed, she refuses to walk to her room (the laundry room) and go to sleep.  She makes us either drag her across the wood floor, or Rob has to literally pick up all 100 pounds of her potato sack body and carry her to her mat.

She’s a great dog.  She is also the worst dog in the world, because I have to chase her and grab something out of her mouth about 4 times an hour, and she has a birth defect that makes her sputter and spew food and water all over the house.  Rob and I watched Marley and Me the other night, and I laughed and laughed because they refer to Marley affectionately as “The Worst Dog In The World”….and then Marley DIES in the end.  I knew I shouldn’t have watched that movie.  It made me cry like a baby and made me appreciate my little birth defected, scary smart dog Ellie.

Are you a dog person?  A cat person?  If you’re a cat person, I am sorry. Someday you will learn the error of your ways.  🙂 What’s the best pet you ever had?

6 thoughts on “Ellie The Dog Is Freaky Smart

  1. Kathy Friend says:

    Hey, watch the cat comments (haha)! I love our little fuzzy kids! And might I say that Jazz and Lola are the smartest cats around…and the most spoiled.

  2. We are NOT cat people but have 2. How? I don’t know. I guess we’re kitten people. Teva (our Great Dane) died of bloat in April so I will not watch Marley. We get our baby Airedale Terrier, Lucy, on Saturday. We’re really excited to be dog people again. Now, what to do with those cats….Duct tape?

  3. watching the corn grow says:

    We are both. I love my snuggly, dumb labs and my snuggly, dumb kitties. I don’t know what I’d do without any of them!!

  4. Ryan says:

    Which one is better? Peanut butter? Or jelly?
    Kitzy was a great cat that taught me how to hunt as a teenager. Later, Dutch was a great cat, not having a dog around he sure acted a lot like one. Then Kaysa was a pain, she would look at the pictures of cats doing things in the calender, a new painful trick each month. I refused to show December and have her climbing the Christmas tree.
    The one dog I had growing up was a leash pulling pain just like Marley. I have plans to get a dog in a few years for my kids to grow up with.

  5. Tina says:

    I think my dog now is the best pet I’ve had. (Allie, my 8 year old black lab) I raised her from puppyhood and she is also a very smart pup! I used to sleep on the floor with my fingers in her crate when we first got her because she would cry at night… chewing on my fingers seemed to calm her, lol. I miss her being small and sleeping on my chest. Now she’d crush me! Dogs are definitely the best. The way they can read your emotions is so comforting, sometimes. Maybe as Ellie gets older she’ll give you a break on the chasing. You know, cut back to three objects an hour. 🙂

  6. Mo Breden says:

    Copper is my best/smartest dog we’ve ever had. Growning up we had miniature schnauzers [btw, they’re only good at loving/and eating trash…not so smart]. But with Copper it’s also a love/hate thing. She will come right too me and sit if I just snap. She rings a bell when she wants to go outside. She plays with Colt like she is a human. It’s hillarious. BUT she also licks everything, needs to run every day or she explodes and whenever we have a guest at the house she has to be straight jacketed from her excitedment or she scares everyone away leaveing me with no friends. BUT, I wouldn’t change a thing…she’s our ADHD dog and we love her.

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