Embracing Change

Michelle at Boot LakeI’ve enjoyed Autumn so much this year. Where we live, right on the edge of Michigan, in our corner of Indiana, we have lots of trees. I remember when Rob and I moved to this area 20 years ago from Chicago, thinking about how many trees there were everywhere and how beautiful they were. I still think that, and have come to enjoy their beauty even more.

My favorite thing is to go out with my camera and walk, looking for changes in the trees and flowers. Seasons change. Change is beautiful. Change should be treasured and noticed and captured for it’s unique beauty.

We have a lot of change going on in our lives right now. And you know what? It’s not easy. But I am finding it is beautiful–Because we are learning things about ourselves and each other that we never knew before. Stuff that skimmed on the surface before is now plain as day because we have been given the opportunity to slow down a bit and focus on change. We are so grateful for the grace of change and the beauty we are learning in it all.

Embracing the change of seasons in our own lives has been highlighted by the stunning leaves of autumn all around us. Breathing it all in. Slowing down. Watching and Waiting.

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