Happy Thanksgiving from 3007

I’m thankful for a lot this Thanksgiving.  One of the things I am most thankful for is how God made my kids so darn creative, and how they make me laugh out loud every single day.

Here is a song that Whitney wrote about a time traveller who visited our family on Thanksgiving:  

I can not tell you how deeply this kind of note goes even though it appears silly.  All of my girls have such a unique sense of humor, and such huge hearts. I am so glad and thankful I get to be their Mommy. 

I am not thankful Isabelle woke me up 5 times last night and we have to drive all the way to Chicago and celebrate Thanksgiving with 2 separate families.  Love the families.  Love the turkey. The stuffing is amazing.  Don’t love being tired.  But, I am thankful for my wonderful husband who let me sleep till 9am. 

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from 3007

  1. Rindy says:

    I just hopped over from Rob’s blog–just had to see this! Very cute!!!

  2. Jim Henry says:

    Kids are these amazing little glimpses into Heaven. Mine are polar opposites of one another, but each makes me laugh everyday. I think one of the greatest gifts God has given me is two kids who know how to take Daddy’s stress load away with a hug and a smile…Thanks for sharing Whitney’s song…that one touched my heart – Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!:)

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