So, You might be wondering why in the world we choose to do this every year as a family.  Why would we spend 3 days packing, sleep with bugs in our bed, give up our cozy couch and tv for a week?  Well,  for us, it’s all about family.  It’s about letting the middle school kids at Camp  Adventure see from afar how a family can work.  So many of them have only seen the broken kind of families.  Theirs hasn’t worked out so well, so for many of them, they just start giving up on the idea of family at about this age.  Our hope is that they will see the light of Jesus in us-His light shining through our cracks and flaws.  I hope we can give them hope for what family really can be.Camp Monday A 045[1]

3 thoughts on “Family

  1. Cyndi says:

    I still think you guys are crazy (and not sure you have convinced me I can do it) but I get why you do it and I think it is awesome.

  2. I love camping and would do it in a heartbeat. Look at that sassy group of young ladies! Ha! You sure have your hands full – and I’m sure loving it.

  3. Jeanna Miller says:

    I love Belle’s pose!

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