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We are up in the city of Yeucard on top of a mountain with about 20 pastors and their families.  There is a real spirit of joy among everyone.  It is so good to be together.  Many of these pastors are bi-vocational.  They work their normal jobs and run a church, and have families to take care of as well.  The pastors and their families were all in need of a break away from everything and a chance to focus on Jesus and each other. 

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Their children came dressed in their best clothes, the women in their best sari’s for this very special event.  I am always amazed at the beauty of their clothing; They make me feel dull and boring. 

We sang, danced and played together for a few days, and it was awesome.  God’s spirit broke through in a powerful way in these families through our time together and the teaching.  Rob went into great detail on his blog about all that happened among us.  Take the time to read about it, you’ll be amazed.  If you don’t want to take the time, no problem.  The basic synopsis is this:

The pastors are amazing pastors.  They love Jesus, love their churches,  love their children, love their wives, and mostly in that order.  This week was the first time the wives were able to voice their hurt in a heart-felt way, and in a safe environment.  The pastors were shocked, angered, and outraged at first.  Then they slowly began to realize it was true.  They wept.  Then they laughed for joy at themselves for being so blind to this issue.  Then they wept some more.  The wives were challenged by their husbands as well.  The men did not feel respected by them.  They spoke of the women having a casual relationship with Jesus, not a passionate one.  The women repented.  It was amazing.

The rest of our time together has been super-charged with love and life.  I never feel the presence of Jesus so strong as when I am with a group of men and women committed to each other and passionate about Jesus such as these amazing men, women and children from Tamil Nadu.  God moved in their hearts and lives in such a powerful way this week, that I am certain Tamil Nadu will never be the same. 

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