For Amber

Amber and Ryan

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Amber Cox, whom we have known since she was 11 years old and her hubby Ryan.  Amber is going to have a BABY any day now, and I wanted to write her and Ryan a letter describing the JOYS of child-rearing.  People in general try to scare the @#&*! out of you when you are about to have your first baby.  They say all kinds of things like “Your life will never be the same”, or “say good-bye to sleep, romance, and anything you generally enjoy” 

The way  most people describe it, you’d think parenthood was like a prison sentence.  I have to say I strongly disagree.  Being a Mommy has been the greatest adventure I have ever experienced, much more fun than hiking any mountains or taking trips to the wild jungles of Belize (remember that Amber…bathing in the river, snorkeling with sharks and stingrays…That was pretty fun though, wasn’t it?)

I thought I would share 25 highlights from my 11 years of parenting.  Hope it paints a better picture than “Prison Sentence”

Here’s some things we all laugh about now:

  1. Belle asking our rather large adult male friend: Do you got some babies in your belly?
  2. Belle to every passing person at a funeral: He is diiiiiied!
  3. Whitney asking:  “Will you come to my Beach Party?” to every stranger for a year
  4. Whitney hung upside down on a pole over the Grand Canyon while her sister took photos.
  5. Whitney hanging upside down from a tree during Rob’s triathlon, tree branch holding her up by her panties, her screaming bloody murder
  6. Maddie throwing up her apple juice in a van full of people in Poland, throwing her shirt out the window in some rural Polish community.
  7. Whitney puking at the top of the winding parking garage at Disneyland…Maddie puking a second later, all over the back of our rental car
  8. While I was distracted on the phone one afternoon, the girls dragging a deer skull and all it’s bones into my kitchen
  9. When we brought each baby home as a newborn, Winston would secretly go lick them to death every time we left the room
  10. Easter.  Flat tire.  Lost wedding ring.  Police escort.  Great fun.

Some Most Treasured Memories:

  1. Worshiping with the girls at Camp Adventure
  2. Maddie coming home from New Community when she was 6, knowing she wanted to give her life to Jesus forever
  3. Whitney hearing God whisper her name when she was 4.
  4. Listening to each of my kids pray every night, knowing they are growing in their understanding of their Savior more every day.
  5. Watching them each grow into lovely, enjoyable young ladies
  6. Listening to them laugh
  7. Isabelle climbing to the top of Grotto Falls
  8. Picnicking in a parking lot
  9. Introducing them to the Ocean
  10. Listening to the preschool teacher talk with tears in her eyes about Whitney and what an amazing girl she is

Things being a Mommy has taught me:

  1. My capacity for love grew a thousand times the first time I held my newborn baby
  2. I love others deeper because I look at them as “someone else’s baby.”
  3. I need a lot more coffee than I ever imagined I would
  4. Every day is a new adventure…Never a dull moment
  5. I need to continually stand in the power or God’s strength and wisdom

I could go on and on, but 25 things are enough for now.  I love you Amber and Ryan, and am so excited for you both as you are entering this next stage of your lives together. 

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3 thoughts on “For Amber

  1. Mo says:

    Ambs is gonna be a great mom. It so true how your capacity for love grows…it’s so crazy because you thought you knew love. Then you have a baby and you’re like…Wow, this world is so much better with you in it little baby.

  2. Kim Powell says:

    I must be hormonal as I sit here bawling after reading this. I just got home from Target where Ashlee cried the whole time and now I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thanks Michelle.

  3. Amber Cox says:

    Michelle, This post is a gift that I will treasure forever! Thanks you so much for your thoughtfulness and excitement for Ryan and I as we enter into parenthood in 5 weeks! I love you more than I can express with words and truly cherish our friendship. You and Rob played a huge role in my own walk with Jesus and I can’t wait to riase some good kids like you have.
    I love you.

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