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I used to write poetry like a maniac.  I wrote so many poems in high school, college, and early in our marriage that I started to think in poetry.  Then I had kids.  I've probably written 5 poems in the last 5 years.  I used to write 5 a day.  It's amazing how having children can change so much about you.  I feel like I am at a time in my life where I can start to think about seriously writing again.  I can piece two sentences together without someone puking on me or needing their diaper changed.  I am very, very glad about that.  For all the parents that can not yet piece two sentences together, don't worry, it will happen again soon.  It may take a while, but consider what you are doing right now "material" for future use.

Here is one of the poems I came across from my old journals.  More to come later this weekend.


silver bells and silver shells,

butterflies and pale green skies

dragon tails and moon lit trails

party hats and fancy pants

purple punch and guests that dance

flying fairies eating green berries

long haired mermaids drinking sherry

fields of flowers

castles and towers

beautiful gardens

the tallest sun flowers

2 thoughts on “Found Poem

  1. Patti Harris says:

    Ahhhh…..I’m ready to go to the fanciful place I see when I read your poem! I absolutely LOVE writing both poetry and fantasy. It’s exciting to know you’re a kindred spirit. 😉 Please keep putting pen to paper when you have time–you have an awesome gift. Your children especially will treasure your writing in years to come. It’s an awesome and treasured legacy.

  2. So sweet! I want to live in your poem, and Lauren wants to rule it. : )

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