From Zebra to Kindergartner

Belle the Zebra 

Isabelle is officially a Kindergartener!  Her “Noah’s Zoo” program was last night.  Belle got to be a zebra, and Maddie painted her a fabulous zebra t-shirt for the occasion.

Belle and Mrs. C2 

Belle had a phenomenal year at pre-k.  You know how you think back over your kids’ teachers over the course of their school careers, and a few stick out?  (or if you don’t have kids, you remember one that stuck out to you personally?)

Mrs. C. will always stick out for us.  She drew every ounce of life and energy out of Belle (which is a whole lot of life and energy) and showed her how to focus it so she could learn and grow.  Belle loves Mrs. C, and almost every day when she came home from school would say, “Mrs. C. loves me.  She really, really does.”

We are so very Thankful for the people in our lives who help shape our kids so they learn, grow, and look more like Jesus.

Thanks Mrs. C.  You shine the light of Jesus so brightly wherever you go.

Belle's Pre-K Graduation 024

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