Game Show Preschool

Being a parent makes you do all kinds of crazy things.  You watch things you’d never watch, read books you’d never read, play games you’d never play….For example, this morning I just realized I know every single word to "Part of your world" from The Little Mermaid.  I never meant to memorize it.  It got stuck in my head from 9 years of hearing it 2nd hand….(2nd hand singing?  Could be deadly, I guess.)Preschool_2

I coudn’t sleep last night.  I kept thinking of the window between 8-10am to call in and reserve a spot for Belle at Salem Preschool next year.  I waited till exactly 8am.  I feverishly hit the redial over and over.  I was reminded of when I was in High School calling in for various radio show contests.  The joy and glory of winning was fantastic.  Everyone at school celebrated you that day becuase you won, and you got to talk on the radio….

I redialed and redialed for an entire….5 minutes.  But, I was prepared to go the whole 2 hours if I had to.  Salem Preschool is an amazing preschool.  Belle is IN next year!  WAHOO!  I won!

Open registrations to the public are February 19 at 9am.  Last year people were lined up at 6:45am OUTSIDE with their children in the middle of winter.  I showed up at 8:45am thinking I would "beat the crowd."  I was 157th in line. 

If you’ve got a kid preschool age, I would look into Salem Preschool for them.  It is truly an amazing place!

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