Ha-ha.  You honestly think I would reveal the "buzz" on my blog?   I would get in so much trouble!   I would be banned from blogging until the end of time.  But, you only have to wait  a few more hours to find out what in the world Granger Community Church is up to!

Have you been downstairs in the kids area?  Have you forgotten everything you just heard in the message because you are frantically trying to get one of your kids from their classroom while the other is being trampled underfoot and dragged away by a total stranger?

Do you feel like you have to wait and wait and wait every time you have to use the restroom in between services?

Have you ever gotten the privilege of sitting on the floor in the back of the auditorium because there are no seats left?

Here are my ideas for the solution:

  • Tell people they can only bring one child per family.  They eat too many snacks anyway.
  • Tell Core Class 101 members they can no longer bring guests.  We need the room for real members.
  • Put a note in the bulletin that tells people to go potty before coming to church.
  • Put a warning note on the coffee urns about the effects of caffeine on the bladder.

There is a reason why I am not on the SMT.  I’m just married to one of them.  Funny how when I give him my ideas, he just rolls his eyes.

Only a few more hours….


  1. DC says:

    HAHA THAT’S HILARIOUS, you totally got me!
    I have you on my “google reader” and I was like “ewwww Michelle spilled the beans…then i actually started reading and…well…you got me!! hahaha
    You’re so funny.

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