God Bless Indiana

Sledding_2007_18 It’s 10 below zero at my house with the wind-chill.  There is so much snow outside that my poor doggie can’t even dig out a spot to go potty.  Driving down any side road is a risk with death, since no one in Indiana plows until the snow is almost melted.  I never remember this problem growing up in Chicago.  When it snowed, the plows made it all go away.  I do not like Indiana in the winter…

Except….when you are going to Florida in two days and the forecast is 80 degrees the WHOLE time you are there. 

I think it was Mark Beeson that said, "Indiana is the best place to live, because every where you ever go is always better!"  You are guaranteed a wild adventure and beautiful surroundings once you set foot out of this beloved state.  God bless Indiana, our home sweet home…

One thought on “God Bless Indiana

  1. Mandy says:

    The worst part is spending 2 hours shoveling your sidewalk and driveway, just to have the plow come and cover it up again. =/

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