God’s Trick on Me

Sometimes life as a Mommy is very tiring.  When you are married to a husband and have children who NEVER run out of energy, it is even more tiring.  Today is a typical day in the life at the Wegner household.  Here’s what we all did.

7:30 Belle wakes me up.  I tell her to wake Daddy up instead

7:45 I force myself up and into the shower.  Belle wants to come in the shower with me.  I tell her no.

8:00 Belle wants a bath…give her a bath

8:15 Houseguest of the day, Michael comes over

8:20 Belle’s first Breakfast

8:45 Leave home for my small group

9:15 Lead most excellent small group of spiritually disciplined women

10:30  Chiropractor appointment

11:30 Pick up family to take them Horseback riding

12:00 Eat McDonalds in Car

12:30 Ride horses with family in 100degree heat for two hours…I abstain due to previous chiropractor appt.

2:00 Tractor ride with family while Rob rides off wildly in the woods with Dan

2:30 Tire swing…almost puke.

4pm Ice Cream in Caryn and Don’s small…very small town

4:30 Rob gets pulled over for speeding through small town…no ticket, just a warning.  I think that is his 9th warning.  How does that happen?

5:30  PB&J Dinner

6:00 Vacation Bible School Drop off

6:30  Dinner w/Dan and Lisa

8:00 Rob picks up new exercise equipment he bought on Craig’s List…Installs it in garage with Jason

8:30 VBS pick up

9:00 late night swim at Mimi’s

10:00 Girls in bed

11:00 Rob is still playing RockBand


I am tired.  Sometimes I think God is playing a trick on me by surrounding me with people with never-ending energy.   I don’t think it is funny.

2 thoughts on “God’s Trick on Me

  1. Cyndi says:

    Ok, I am tired just reading the list!

  2. Tom Hoyt says:

    Aaaah, Michelle, speaking as a husband myself…we get tired too.
    See…it’s not just you.
    Anytime you want to hang out just let me know sister.

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