Good Friday

Good Friday?  Right now Rob is at the grave site of our dear friend Maribeth’s son Jason.  He is there with Jason’s two children, 7 and 11 years old.  They miss their dad.  Jason died early in December.  He was cremated, and the burial service is today, Good Friday.  The day we remember Jesus on the cross and being laid in the tomb.

As Jesus was laid in the tomb and Jason is laid in his grave, I pray for a miracle in the lives of those affected by Jason’s death.  Jesus brings hope.  Jesus brings life.  He died and he rose fully alive.

Jesus, bring life to my friends.  Bring life and hope and joy that comes on Easter morning.  As Mary and Martha found your tomb empty, give us hope that there is more than despair on this side.  More than sorrow.  More than pain.  Give us hope and the knowledge that you are with us.  You walk beside us in the shadows even when we don’t know you are there. 

You are alive Jesus, and you are life.  May your Kingdom come and your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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