Granger Community Church Baby Dedication

I’m 34 years old. When Rob and I first came to Granger Community Church, I was 19 years old. Because Rob and I have stayed in one place for so many years, we have gotten to watch those around us "grow up with us." When Rob was first hired at GCC, he was hired to do Youth Ministry full time. We worked round the clock together, as a team for 5 whole years. We poured our lives into an amazing group of teenagers. Some of them are still around GCC.

I was totally caught off guard last night at the baby dedication. I was asked to help, and I was thrilled. In getting the girls to their classes, getting instructions of what to do, where to stand, what to say, what not to say, etc., I was not at all, in any way, prepared for , or expecting to be emotional.
Then Jason and Chrissy Simnick walked up with their baby Elijah. Jason and I are both from Dolton, Il. I have known him and his family for 20+ years. Jason and his family moved here when he was around middle-school aged. He lovingly became known as "Garbage." A nickname that sounds cruel, but somehow became a term of endearment for Jason. He and Chrissy got married, now they’ve got 4 kids!

Josh and Dee Gregory were next with baby Sarah Faith. I almost fell on the floor crying. Josh was the silliest, squirelliest kid around when he was in middle school. Never bad, but always silly. Lots of fun, a great sense of humor. Now he has a BABY!?!

Then came Bruce and Jennifer Williams. They are very dear friends of ours. We love them like family. Their precious Zoe Grace makes us all smile and laugh.
These amazing people with their amazing babies.
All the Mom’s and Dad’s I don’t know so well, but we all have one thing in common: we want our kids to grow up to love Jesus. Plain and simple.
I was deeply touched last night. So glad to be a part of a church that I have grown up in, and has grown up around me.

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