Growing Up, Part 2

OK, I’ve established the fact that people that complain about "not being fed" at churches annoy me.  I’ve been to too many countries that would look at the resources we have available to us as American Christians and think it was the next best thing to having Jesus himself as their teacher/mentor. 

I met a woman that attends GCC who grew up in Communist Russia.  Her Grandfather had one Bible.  That one Bible was hidden and treasured not only among their own family, but an entire house church treasured that one copy of the Bible.  They did not have access to the Internet, Christian Bookstores, Christian Radio, etc…

So when I hear stories like that from my friend, then I hear stories among believers here in America, it’s very hard for me to have much compassion.

But, believe it or not, I do.  The growth of the Christian believer is one of the closest things to my heart.  I love to help, encourage, and watch people take their next steps toward Jesus. 

One of the books I always recommend to believers that are trying to get a grip on Spiritual Disciplines is a book called Spiritual Classics.  It covers a very broad range of writers from all periods of Christianity through the ages writing about all kinds of aspects of the Christian Faith.Spiritual_classics

I’d highly recommend this book for anyone who is trying to grow in their faith, and make a connection to the history of Christianity we owe everything to.

You can order a copy on, or you can borrow my well-worn copy if you’d like!   

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