Guzzling Quiet

Rob gifted me a few hours of alone time the other night.  My status update on Twitter was, “He must have noticed the twitching.” It’s been a long few weeks.   I had a few minutes to type and think at the library.  Decompression is always good. 

So here I sit at the library suffering a few moments of quiet on my own. The clicking of my keyboard keys is the loudest noise I have heard all day. All the other noise of kids and dogs barking, cereal spilling, and plants tipping over are white noise to me anymore.

Silence and solitude used to be my companions whether I liked them or not, and I really did grow to love them. When I finally did get used to them, they seemed to have vanished as suddenly as they came.

Silence and solitude renew me so I can just be again.

I need a replacement; something to stand in their stead while they are gone from me. A captured moment here and there, and that’s all I can get, and then I am guzzling them down, hardly able to enjoy them because I know they will be gone so fast.

I’m learning to let those not so often quiet moments shape me. I’m learning to listen harder, stare longer, walk nearer, and live harder.

It’s hard as it sounds, and on days like this, it’s harder. But it’s worth it. He’s so worth it to me.

My soul thirsts for God, the living God. Where can I go and meet with God? Psalm 42:2


What re-charges you?  How do you re-connect with your soul, with God?  Everyone’s different.  I’d love to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Guzzling Quiet

  1. DisneyCyndi says:

    At this point the only thing that will recharge me is a getaway!

  2. Rindy Walton says:

    Just discussing this last night & was going to blog about it too! Total quiet doesn’t work for me, because my brain doesn’t stop & I ‘multi-task’ inside my head! (such is the life of ADD!!)I re-connect best by doing some type of physical activity like kayaking, gardening, home improvement projects…it’s great!

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