Halloween Glory

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween.  This year, something about it hit me.  Halloween is the only time people in my neighborhood come outside of their houses or open their doors the entire year.  We live in the funniest neighborhood. Rob and I often describe it like Charlie’s Grandpa describing  Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  "No one ever goes in, no one ever goes out…" That’s how it seems at least.  If there were ever a crisis in the middle of the day, I’d be in trouble, because no one is around.  Halloween, on the other hand, brings everyone out to their front porch.  We got to meet parents of our kid’s friends, older people we would never normally have a chance to talk to…it was great!  We had the best time last night.  Not to mention all the Butterfingers I could possibly eat for a week!

Halloween_2007_018 Halloween_2007_028 Halloween_2007_039

One thought on “Halloween Glory

  1. Seven says:

    i love these pics. kids are so unafraid. i love it. would you just look at bella-boo. she is so lucky to be her.

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