Happy 4th of July!

4th 2002 010


Growing up I remember the 4th of July being the longest day of the year.  The day dragged on and on.  About every 15 minutes I would ask my parents “Is it time yet?”  It must have driven them crazy.  This morning Isabelle ran in my room and laid down next to me and said, “Is it time for the fireworks yet?”  It was 7am.  It is now 12pm, and I think she has asked me that about every 15 minutes.  Funny.  I guess what goes around comes around!

We live in an amazing country.  Even with gas prices the way they are, the economy being slow, etc., we are still so very rich.  We don’t have to worry about having enough to eat.  We have safe places for our kids to sleep.  We can go to church without fear of being thrown in prison.  We are so, so blessed.  Thank you God, for this amazing country. 

Is it time for the fireworks yet?

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  1. Debbie Mann says:

    I think we were with you guys this year! I remember the shirt. HAHA

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