Happy December

And so the frantic-ness of December begins.  Here’s what ours has looked like so far…only 3 days in:

  • been to Walmart, bought presents for our nephews that they already have …must face Walmart again to return them
  • bought shoes for myself yesterday that need to be returned…must face the mall again.  sigh.
  • have bundled up the girls every morning and sent them out to a frozen tundra wrapped in scarves, poofy coats, snow boots, and mittens
  • rehearsed lines and songs for 3 Christmas performances for 3 girls that will happen over 3 days
  • replaced Christmas tights that already have holes in them
  • completed 1-3 hours of 3rd and 4th grade homework per night.
  • still wondering how I am ever going to get my super-secret project for my parents done
  • trying to catch my breath and breathe in the beauty of the season…

I need a few minutes to be still.  When I find them, I am going to thank Jesus for coming to this earth to bring us hope and life.  Then I am going to take a nap.

2 thoughts on “Happy December

  1. Rhoda Phillips says:

    Mu suggestions for relieving some of your stress 🙂
    Have Rob drop you off at the mall for the shoes, send him to Wally World for the exchange (with kids :)) While at the mall get yourself a latte or tea and sip on that as you wait for him to return, After he returns and picks you up, suggest a yummy dinner out, fill them all up, go home, dress them all in their winter coats and such, put them to bed with headphones on playing each of their songs, and finally take a nap.
    That should cover it, (in a perfect world maybe)
    I don’t know you personally, which I’m going to change. Can’t tell you the times I have passed you on Wednesday nights, Whitney and my daughter Cayla are in the same class, knowing who you were but never introducing myself. (Completely my fault) Im going to step out of my box and tell you hello. Can’t wait to meet u:)
    Froming reading your blog, your plate is full most of the time, From what I see here, its looks like you do a great job of managing it all. Stay positive, this to will pass.

  2. Amy says:

    Aw, I love that comment before me. I think she had some great ideas for resolving that. I really, really hate returns so I feel your pain.

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