He Loves You. No Matter What

Girls in Grass 

I tell my girls every single day how I love them unconditionally, and their Daddy does the same.  While we are constantly broadcasting that message to them, they hear messages from the world already that they are not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, or athletic enough.

Especially lately.

Bringing up girls is hard.  One of my girls has gotten very sad every time they have done something wrong and I have gently corrected them.  “But are you MAD at me?” is the question every time.

Her question has gotten me thinking:  What about my correction has made her think I am angry with her?  I have assured her again and again that “No, I am not mad” at her when I am correcting her.  But, she still asks every time.

So, I am back pedaling, re-thinking, and praying a lot for my girls.  Praying that they know how precious and valuable they are because God chose to make them uniquely and creatively.  Praying that their hearts would know that what we say to them is true.  Praying God will give them grace to filter out the noise of a world so desperate to topple their hopes and dreams.

  I wrote this little poem for the sad one today.  Pray it sinks in, deep into her toes.

From, the top of your head, to the bottom of your toes

He loves you.

From your inside to your outside, and everything in between,

He loves you.

You can never change his mind about you

No matter what you do, good or bad

He loves you.

His love is as high as you can see, and as far, and even more.

He loves you.

He loves you.

He loves you.

And I do too.

3 thoughts on “He Loves You. No Matter What

  1. Renee says:

    Tearing up. Is it okay if I print & frame this for my kids’ room? And perhaps my own?

  2. betsey says:

    for some reason I can’t share this–tried cutting and pasting and FB thinks I’m crazy–which we ALL know is true!!! HELP!!! This deserves to go VIRAL!!!
    (she says with tears rolling down her cheeks–again)

  3. This is just beautiful, Michelle. I had a couple who did the same thing–always thought I was mad at them. It does take a lot of prayer, I think. And somehow, eventually, it went away. Maturity helps too.

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