Here Comes The Sun

We have had two very sad Christmas’ in our family the past two years.  Two years ago our dear friend Maribeth lost her only son, Jason just a few days before Christmas (You can read that story here).

Last year our friends Gene and Mary lost their daughter Rachel in a car accident on Christmas Eve (That story here) .  The worst two things Rob and I have ever have to do as a married couple are to tell Michael at 7 years old that his dad was not just sick, he was in Heaven with Jesus and not coming home; And last year we had to tell Maddie on Christmas morning that her good friend Rachel had died in a car accident the night before.

Two years ago, right after Jason died, we filmed this video for a weekend service at church.  Right around this time both years since, the girls start humming “Here Comes The Sun”, the song from the video we filmed at our house.  It’s sort of a magical song for us.  It reminds me that there is joy in the middle of pain….always.  The timelessness and contagious joy of the kids in the video gets me every time.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by joy every day, even in the midst of tragedy.


Here Comes the Sun Music Video from Albert Martin on Vimeo.

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