Hill Stations

Missionaries came to India long ago and built Hill Stations for themselves on top of mountains.  Those missionaries left, so the Indians took them over and began running them as hotels and motels for local people and tourists.  Rajendran and Rob decided that for our Family Life Conference with the Super-Pastors and their families, the Hill Station was the place to go. 

We drove up a mountain last night completing a total of 20 “hair-pin” turns.  It was slightly terrifying as humongous tourist busses were tumbling down the mountain toward us at very fast speeds and not many places to pull off and get out of their way.  Aside from that, with every hair pin turn up the mountainside, it dropped another 5 degrees or so.  By the time we got up to the top, the humidity level had dropped significantly and the temperature was actually cool.  The air felt clean and there were birds in the trees singing sweetly.  Quite a change from anything I have ever seen or heard in India. 

When I woke up this morning my first thought was, “Wow, no rickshaw horns, only birdies”.  My second thought was on a deeper level.  I was relieved to look out of my window and see only trees and not impoverished masses of people coming and going.  It is very emotionally draining for someone like me to be in India.  I feel hurt and sadness deeply when I am in a village Kalavai or Salem.  Simply looking out to the street from a hotel window stirs compassion in me when I see people walking around and trying to live in the midst of such poverty.    It’s good to get away from it all and breathe for a minute or two.

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You may be wondering why Isabelle has her eyes covered, and why she hasn’t been in many photos.  The truth is that she is completely overwhelmed by every one pinching her cheeks, squeezing her, hugging her, trying to hug her, and take her picture.  She’s been a good sport about it, but is definitely DONE getting her picture taken.

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  1. Great photos, and I love the way you are capturing your experiences on this blog…

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