Yesterday was an odd day, since we got to our hotel at 5:30a.m.  We slept until noon, then Raj, Prema, and friends took us down the street to KFC.  I guess people in India really like KFC, because we see them every where we go now, and we didn’t in the first few years we visited here.

After the wonderfully delicious KFC lunch, we rested awhile, then travelled to Anbuvanan’s house to interview him for our book.  I won’t tell too much of his story, because I want to save it for later.  I will say that he is a man that loves God, and loves God’s people.  He also shared that God healed his marriage last summer when we came to do the Family Life Conference.  I was deeply touched by that.  He said that people in his neighborhood are shocked to see him and his wife always together now.  He said they tease him and say they act like Honeymooner’s. 

While we were doing the interview, the girls and Jeanna taught Anbuvanan’s 3 kids how to play dodgeball.  They had a great time.

I love this picture I took of Anbuvanan just using my iPhone:


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  1. Chris Sarber-Shoff says:

    Michelle, I can’t wait to read your book! I didn’t realize that you were also involved with the “Weekend to Remember” with Family Life. My husband and I were too for many years and I would love to somehow bring a piece of that to our church. I also didn’t realize that you were in India at the moment until I read your post on “Blissfully Domestic”. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers while you are away!


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