How a King is Born

David and Joseph

Joseph was royalty.

He had the blood of kings in his veins.

A chosen king.

As improbable David’s anointing

Was Joseph becoming the Father of the King of Kings.

Carpenters and shepherds. Shepherds and carpenters. Blue collar workers with royalty in their veins because the God of the universe knew

No one

Could achieve true Greatness with their own strength

No one

could earn status in God’s kingdom without His secret ways, His blessings, His miracles

No one is wise enough, powerful enough, perfect enough

To end up the King of Israel

Or the unintended Father to the King

God smiled,

moved some impossible

parts and pieces together

And blew divinity into the line of David. Knocked him to His knees.

And to Joseph

He Whispered a similar task

To be the shepherd to the king of kings

David fell, Joseph nodded, God smiled

and a King was born.


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