Hugging my Family Closer Tonight…

Forgive me for posting two very sad things in a row, but sometimes life happens this way.  This has been a very very sad day.  How do you capture a horriffic day in a couple of words on a blog?  I’m not sure, but I will try.  Rob and I have a very dear friend named Maribeth.  I wrote about her a couple of weeks ago when she won an award from the Center For the Homeless.  You can read that post here.

I saw Maribeth at the Food Drop this morning, (It was amazing.  Tim Stevens posted pictures and a video on his blog today.  Check it out here)  Maribeth was bright and chipper as always.  Smiling, so happy to serve.  Twenty minutes later, I am at home with my girls, and Maribeth calls.  She is hysterical.  Her son is dead.  He was in his thirties, like Rob and I, and he is dead.

I threw our girls at the neighbors, rushed to find Rob, then to find Maribeth.  She was there with her son.  Her only son.  His son Michael found him this morning.  Michael is 7.  Michael only thought he was sleeping, but called the neighbors for help.

Rob and I went with the family to talk to Michael and tell him that his Dad was not just sick, but dead.  I think I rank this day in the top 5 worst days ever.  Nothing can prepare you for breaking that kind of news to a child. 

Pray for Maribeth, for Michael, and his step-daughter ReeAnn, who is 11.  Pray for Me and Rob to be the Presence of Jesus to this family this week as the funeral and all the details unfold.

I’m holding my own family a little closer to my heart tonight.  Life is so precious.  Every day with them is a gift from God.  I am so aware of that tonight.

2 thoughts on “Hugging my Family Closer Tonight…

  1. skoutz says:

    RaeAnn is a student at our school. She and her family is in our prayers. I didn’t realize her mom was Maribeth. Wow!

  2. Rindy says:

    Just linked over here from Rob’s blog. Wow–so sorry to hear about all of this. Just said a prayer for all involved…

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