How I’ll Remember her.


This is my friend Rachel.  She died on Christmas Eve.  This smile is how I will always remember her. 

My Friend Kristin wrote the very words I would speak of Rachel on her site WorshipPoetry…she put into the words what I have been feeling in the days since Rachel’s funeral.   Kristin said I could share this with you.  



I think Rachel had a magnifying glass behind those pretty eyes

and the rest of us are just a little farsighted

“Every day was show and tell” Gene said

“And she never said no to an adventure.”

And as I begin this new year with You

all my resolutions melt into a closer look at Rachel

the profound words in her Bible,

her Jesus joy dressed in silliness, her constant smile,

her reckless love for you doodled in the margins,

her uninhibited freedom to dance and run,

snapshots of lady bugs with cats bouncing on her back,

her “yes”s when I would have said “no”

out of my needless fear and made-up proprieties,

how she somehow lived for today and eternity all at once,

and like the endless truths of her leather-bound user’s guide,

never skimming anything,

rather diving into life until her fingers got all pruny

and I can feel You whispering a new sense of responsibility

for this year and all the remaining marbles in my jar

this sticky humanity has one less delight

and it’s time to step it up

and take the torch she is passing onto all of us

that looks a lot more like a magnifying glass

as we take a closer look at ourselves in the light of Your plans

and begin to redefine what it really means to be



I heard a voice thunder from the Throne: “Look! Look! God has moved into the neighborhood, making his home with men and women! They’re his people, he’s their God. He’ll wipe every tear from their eyes. Death is gone for good—tears gone, crying gone, pain gone—all the first order of things gone.” The Enthroned continued, “Look! I’m making everything new.” Revelation 21:3-4 (Msg)

4 thoughts on “How I’ll Remember her.

  1. So sorry for your loss. I am praying for Rachel’s family, and her friends.

  2. Amy says:

    I am still thinking of you and all the friends and loved ones that knew this sweet girl. I am so sorry for your loss- please let me know if there is anything I can do. It is all so tragic!

  3. Valerie says:

    That is so beautiful. Oh, to be remembered like that, what a testimony. So sorry for the loss and pain.

  4. That is perfect! Got a CD from Gene last night – trying to find the right (emotional) time to watch it…

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