How Magic Happens

 Maddie and I share a common passion in photography. She gets this little glimmer in her eye when we see some rode side barn or the sun shining a certain way…

 And then we pull over and take pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  Her little 13 year old brain is spinning, creating while we stand there, thinking of what will be the perfect shot.  It’s funny, because that’s what I do too, but I could never explain it to someone. I think because she’s seen me do it ten thousand times, she understands the process.

But her creativity is different than mine.  What a joy to watch her come into her own gifts, her own talents, her own time…it’s been one of the most fun parts of being her Mommy.

We both sucked air as we drove past this barn near our house Saturday night, the sunlight shining through the beams, vines climbing over old woodwork.  It was a golden moment that I will treasure in my memory always.

I’m so glad I took that drive with Maddie.  It took 30 minutes of my day. In those 30 unplanned, unexpected moments, magic happened.  I’m grateful.  So, so grateful.

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