How Much Longer?

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 Bill Hybels

I am not sure if we are going to ever experience “the old normal” ever again.  The “normal” we all knew and loved has left the building.  We are all leading in a new beginning. 

These are challenging times, but that’s the Romans 12 gift that God has given to so many leaders.  Rough patches force courage and creativity.  These are the conditions that create our deepest creativity.  It’s part of what draws something out of us that calm seas never will.

Philosophical:  October 2008 hundreds of people at Willow Creek lost their jobs.  They were in a rouge wave situation.  They needed to act quickly and decisively.  He challenged his believers to live in the Acts 2 way.  Let’s be the CHURCH.  This was not a romanticized decision.  It was a Biblical, philosophical decision.

Every service is packed with ministry between services because people are broken and they need help.  This is a new priority.  People are hurting more than they have in a long time.  They feel their need for Jesus more than ever.

Letting staff go is an opportunity for the Church to be the Church.  Let it all be done with love and understanding.

During an economic downturn, people are hungry to learn financial management.

Guess what?  God provides.  Expect miracles.  Don’t lose heart.  People will still be generous.  They want to help.

Habakuk 3:2 

Expect God to do great things IN OUR DAY.  God uses His people to do his great work.  He uses those whose hearts are fully His.  God is looking for those who are full-on for Him.

These are the people who God will tap on the shoulder and say, “Come with me, and we will do something great together.”

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