How My Dad Shot His Neighbor And Got Away With It

Here’s a story from my Dad’s blog…just for fun.


I was about 14 or 15,and always loved messing around with bows and arrows.

It was a big kick for me and my friends to go to an open field and just shoot arrows as far as we could.
Our targets were trees or birds and even frogs.I don’t remember any of us ever killing anything but we thought we were very cool.The Mighty Hunters.
The arrows we used were target arrows,they had sharp metal points.

One summer day I was shooting arrows in my back yard,shooting at an old wooden chair.
It was a large chair and was not to hard to hit,being just 30 feet away.
This chair was painted white,and had spaces in between the boards.
I shot my arrow,watched as it went through the spaces in the chair,watched as it went through the back yard fence,across the alley,through my neighbors fence and right into my neighbor’s back.

It stuck in poor old Charlie for a second,then the arrow fell out.
I heard a yell "AHHHHHH".Then… Mi……!Then all was quiet,very quiet.

I could not believe my shot.My aim had been good.The chair with it’s stupid wide slats would be the end of me I was sure.
Charlie had been in his garden,he was bending down pulling weeds.

Some things you never forget.

I saw poor Charlie standing there,weeds in one hand,my arrow in the other.I didn’t see any blood,but I knew it had to really hurt!
One thing I should mention here is that poor Charlie was born without a tongue.
He was very hard to understand.He always called me Mi…It sounded like MY…

This all happened in about 2 seconds and I remember it like it was yesterday.

When I realized what I had done,I ducked.I fled the scene of the crime.
A few hours later I crept back home,thinking my parents were going to kill me.
My dad wasn’t home from work yet and mom didn’t say anything so I figured I might be off the hook.
When dad did come home,I saw him coming to the back door.My bedroom was right above.
Here came Charlie,arrow in hand,he was watching for old Pete to come home.

Charlie was yelling,PEE PEEE!
Dad had no patience for Charlie,he was just to hard to understand.
Listening from above,I could here my dad giving Charlie the brush off.
Dad was actually thanking Charlie for returning the arrow.

I never did get into trouble for the arrow that went astray.I did remember it my whole life.

Sadly I had to avoid Charlie whenever I saw him from then on.

And the moral of the story is…?  You tell me!

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