I Applaud…

I applaud the men who stand up for those who have been racially discriminated against without asking them for statistics and references first.

…who quietly serve people of color and pray with them and love them without the need for applause, admiration and affection.

… who speak up when they see other men shouting down a broken woman trying to communicate about her pain.

…who still open doors for women. 

… who leave everything they know to start over for the sake of their wives and children.

… who do the right thing in a racially charged situation when it’s hard–especially when it’s hard.

…who love their daughters so much that they never stop holding her hand.

… who willingly give up their prestige for humility.

… who elevate men women and children of different races, allowing them to be the teachers. 

… who fight for truth and equality and justice with all they have until the day they die.

… who sit quietly with their wives as they watch the sun go down on a life shared together that was bold and glorious. 

…who point to the love of our Father God through their words, thoughts and actions. 

I hold my applause for men who….

…. tell women to be quiet when they are speaking for an injured race.  

… repeatedly send lascivious messages to women.

… disrespect their wives in conversations.

… stand in pulpits and later groom women and young girls for abuse.

… say they are the ones who sign the paychecks, forcing a victim to silence with their power and wealth.

… decide to fire the truth tellers because they are not the team players.  

… discard friends for wealthier, better looking ones. 

… tell a woman she is going overboard by shining light on a painful and hidden topic. 

… mock prayerful laments over voilence and prayers for justice. 

… demand evidence from abused women who have been violated by men who look and act just like the ones asking.

I applaud my Jesus for standing up for a broken woman when the crowd threw stones.

I applaud my Jesus for inviting women into his circle of trust.

I applaud my Jesus for touching the hands of contagious patients with his very own.

I applaud my Jesus for illuminating His love for other races, while telling His followers to do the same. 

I applaud my Jesus for the might and strength he pulls for the broken so their burden can be light.

I applaud my Jesus for blessing

…the poor in spirit,
    giving them the kingdom of heaven.

 … those who mourn,
    giving them comfort.

… the meek,
    giving them the keys to inherit the earth.

… those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    filling their souls with everything good. 

… the merciful,
    for they will be shown mercy they give to others.

… the  pure in heart
    Showing them His Father! Showing them God.

I applaud my Jesus who crosses barriers with the peacemakers,
    Lifting their chins, calling them children of God.

 I applaud my Jesus for blessing those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
 giving them the kingdom of heaven.

I applaud my Jesus for blessing the insulted, persecuted, the lied to and lied about because they spoke up for him and his children. 

I applaud you Jesus for saving the very special surprises of grace for those who stay true to themselves, to others and to you

Until the very end. 

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