The New Sheriff

I babysit some neighborhood kids after school everyday.  Things haven’t been going well.  We had a Town Hall Meeting today.  There’s a new Sheriff in town as they say.  If you think these rules are cruel or unusual, just stop by my house around 3:30pm on a school day.

Town Hall Meeting                                                                                                

February 22, 2008

There have been several breeches of trust in the past few weeks.  Certain children  have made up their minds that they in fact are the ones in charge, when indeed, I am in charge.  I enjoy having everyone here after school every day, but only when rules are followed, and respect is given.  There have been rules broken, and many incidents of disrespect.  That is going to change. 

From now on:

1.       You are allowed 2 snacks per day.  Snacks from the basket only, unless special permission is given.  You can have as much fruit or veggies as you want.

2.       There will be no more computers until trust is earned back.

3.       There are absolutely no closed doors, ever, for any reason.

4.       If you choose to play outside, you need to tell me exactly where you will be, and if you leave that area, you need to tell me, and not make me guess where you are

5.       You may only go into the woods with special permission

6.       If you break something, you are expected to replace it.  If it is very costly, You will have to work out with your parents a way to replace it.

7.       You are expected to clean up whatever messes you have made at 4pm every day.  No exceptions.

8.       When you come in the house, please neatly put your things by the front door. 

9.       If you forget things(books, hats, toys,etc., I will leave them on the dryer for one day, then they will be moved to the front porch.

10.   I want us all to have fun and get along.  Mutual respect is the key.  Follow these ideas, and everyone will be much happier, especially ME!Late_august_2007_010_5

2 thoughts on “The New Sheriff

  1. I’ve often thought of installing a chokey [Matilda by Roald Dahl] in our house. I think it would be a great motivational tool.

  2. mandy says:

    We have a snack problem too…they think it’s supposed to be a meal. My Girl Scouts come over and raid my pantry. Hello? We’re here to have a meeting, not a play date. Good job for laying down the law!!!

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