Dutch to the Core

I have to come up for air.  24 hours ago I stumbled across something that has rocked my world.  I went to Ancestry.com, and started clicking around.  24 hours later, I am sitting here with an unbelievable wealth of knowledge of where I came from.  Stunningly, I was able to trace my family heritage on my Mom’s side to Corneilus Schoon, born, 1625, Graftdijk, North Holland.  On my Dad’s side, all the way back to Jan Dirkszn Ton born 1725 in Zaandam, Holland.  The thing that blew my mind the most was when I typed both these towns from two seperate family lines into Google Earth, I found that they are only 26 miles apart!  How bizzare is that!  Both sides of the family immigrated into the United States in the Mid-1800’s, both sides of the family settled on the south side of Chicago, and a few generations later, my Mom met my Dad, and they got married!  CRAZY!

I am Dutch to the Core. Decoratedwoodenshoeweb

The things I found out about my Grandparents, their parents, etc.  BLEW MY MIND!My Mom and Dad are on hand to fill in the blanks for me along the way.  I am thinking Novel perhaps…

We shall see. 

More Details to come!

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